Ticket System allows generation of one-time PIN codes for use on Paxton readers. The system could be used for vehicle exit, visitor control, lift control or whatever you like!

The first time you launch Ticket System you are presented with a login screen. Simply enter the System engineer password and it will be saved to disk (encrypted) for future use. This allows you to keep your password private and make it easier for the end user to open the software. If you change the System engineer password within Net2, Ticket System will prompt you again.

You can assign a different ticket validity (in minutes) and/or access level to each one-time PIN you generate. The system will expire the ticket/pin when the expiry time is reached or the pin number is used at a keypad (whichever comes first).

PIN numbers can be printed at a click of a button directly to your default printer without any prompts. Only the PIN number will be printed and the output is top left in landscape mode making it easier to assign a label or ticket writer to the system.

When Ticket System is closed all active PIN numbers are revoked.

Ticket System v1.1 is now available! So, what's new?

  • Run on a client machine and connect to a remote Net2 Server.
  • Better "Ticket Validity" options.
  • Issue token numbers as well as PIN's.
  • Select which Access Levels are visible in the drop down list.
  • A couple of printer options.
  • Installer Link settings.
  • Ticket System users are now grouped into Ticket System departments.
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